Change That Comes


This page was opened a year ago. Only now do I have some time today to begin editing a little. About page, is About Me the Developer, one of the busiest guy on Earth. Metaphorcally speaking.

I am disabled by cancer treatment so I’m really bitchy.

Or maybe I am super sweet, softened by the challenges I survived.

And the inhuman unbareable pain for 7 years.

You may never know. Did I gain PTSD? Have I become conceptually dyslexic? Why have I had it up to here with the world? Are there others like me?

Look surviving changed me. I am different now. I am done with anyone elses games. My game is the best one I could come up with so I will be found playing it all the time from now on. In other words my game rules and I am not for hire to develope your games.

Every day of my life is a free day I have no idea of plan that I would have to live. They are precious more than ever. But I have problems, I have barriers, on all levels. For those reasons I need to work with people who ahve skills and money.

I am deterimed to NOT allow fucktards into my circle of assocates. NO not attempt to come in here and rip me off or try to pull a scam on the so called smart guy.

I had 350 projects for sale. I now have 85. If I sold them today I would need to get 25 million for them. If they are developed and operational for 3 years I could get 497 million for them. I am a monster creator living in a largely has been successfull now broken life. I need people I can trust with my loyalty to my life.

This is key and the first 240K that comes in from investors is not going to the company, it is going to me, to fix me up, to pay to make me whole again. I need to fix me before I can be of the value we have here on the table. The side effects of Cancer Treatment need to be repaired since I have no intention of making everyone wealthier than they are again if I don’t hire people to fix my personal strenth and energy.

If you have 25K I will talk on topics at that level. But if you only have 5K then you need to talk with someone else. Or if you want to volunteer in devlepement with time and skills we can put you in for paper when these projects launch.

Listen for competitive reasons I cannot speak of the products and market I will be entering next. But maybe we are inventing and new kind of advanced telephone system or service.

Let’s put a photo here.

before cancer surgery 2008
Five (5) days before my first Cancer Surgery, taken in North Vancouver Jan 2008.
Here I am between the two surgeries and after the combination in 2010. Chemo and Radiation feeling hopefully, but there was more incredible adventures to come.


China Von Quantum Torpedo
China Von Quantum Torpedo (QT) BoBo, Sweet Pickles










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