Yeah wait a minute!

Wait up. You’re crying. You’re ranting. You’re raving. No good, no need for that way of life, it’s not truly living.

You have been trapped by a lack of information.

I am sitting here for 50 years, an over the top genius, imagine Nicoli times 100,  thinking above all the trapping of common existence reaction. Thinking only big picture only long term, without regard for self, sometimes reckless, sometimes harming myself by not thinking small and personal and needy.

While you waste time in manufactured fictional issues, I solve world problems. You don’t even think that it’s possible because you’re are addicted to what “they” tell you to think about, paradoxes of infinite unsolved problems, freedom of idiots to use public speech.

Of course, they are unsolved. I solved them all. No one else will ever be capable of doing that in a million years too late. If I didn’t give or sell them to the human race then these answers don’t and won’t ever happen. No human will ever be born to ever save you ever again. When I go and it’s over.

Prove it, you SOB with the megalomaniac claims.

Just prove it and I will call up my ghost King worshiping cult and they will skin you alive. You are the anti-christ if you think you will come here and save us.

Can you see the paradox? Can you see why a ghost King can never ever return to save people that cave man dead rabbi never knew and could care less about? Stop lying to yourself and realize your life is limited to now and all these lives lived without Deyrnas have been lost forever if they were never born.

The engine life stopped on the first lies of the Middle east philosophers and life is nothing but the run on of a cut off the engine.

Join Deyrnas and learn how to find and realize the good life. There is nothing else as real. There is not time left. A million souls have gone before you. Ony the Heralds of Deyrnas come back to find those left behind to enter the Deyrnas for real.

If you  don’t have money or time or love or power, your god or universe has told you, you are not coming into a living state of the Deyrnas in this lifetime. Best to run and high and cover yourself up with a mountain if you haven’t got the basic entry fee to Deyrnas.

Peace Off for now.