Change That Comes


Deyrnas is organized into 7 levels. You will enter on level 4. From there you may move up 3 and down 3 levels. 1 is the highest level. Any level has its need-to-know information, its duties, and responsibilities. Each level has a learning or educational requirement.



The future:

Only one in nine people who enter at level 4 will advance to level 3.

Level 3 is where a vast amount of knowledge and resources become available.

About 1 in 9 of those advanced to level 3 will have a chance to reach level 2. Level 2 is where the secrets of life are given.

Almost no one knows what is involved at level 1 but you might meet some at this level one day, maybe on a private jet to one of the resort hotel retreats that level 2 people regularly enjoy.

Now on the Down Side, negative people are not welcome.

Levels 5 means we will sell to you but not employ you. We will save your life if you need it but share knowledge and secrets with you. We will not work with level 5 people because they live in some ways that are against our truth and organization policy.

At level 6 we proactively reject service and contact. You effectively are a banned individual, maybe because you are a member of a banned group.

At level 7 you are listed as an enemy of the Empire. NO announcement, warning or reason needs to be given. We only do the right thing in defense and operations.